Simply fit the Thumbthing on your thumb and place it on the bookbinding. The two flaps will hold open the pages even if the book is new or there is some wind, making reading much more confortable.

It allows you to read with one hand only.
It prevents bookbinding from getting ruined.
Thumthing is also a perfect bookmark
When finished reading slip the flaps of your Thumbthing into the top of your book. This will prevent you from loosing your thumthing and it can be used as a bookmark.

‘Size is important!’
Thumbthing come in 4 sizes (small, medium, large and extra-large) for different-sized thumbs.
Choose the right size in order to fit Thumbthing on your thumb about halfway.
An advice: it’s better if it’s a bit smaller rather than a bit too large.
Thumbthing is available in many brilliant colours.
It is the perfect accessory for a new generation of readers!

Thumbthing can be use with any kind of book.
It can be a hard cover edition, an economic edition, pocket and super pocket edition, the book can be very big or very small, and it can have few or many pages.

Thumthing will always keep the pages of the book perfectly open, from the beginning to the end, it won’t ruin the binding or the pages, it will not hide any text, and nothing, not even wind, will turn the pages.